• Thai garden salad [V]/[GF]

    • 12.9

     topped with boiled egg and peanut sauce

  • Yum Nur (beef salad) [GF]

    • 13.9

    grilled slices of rump beef dressed with lime juice, fresh Asian herbs and chilli

  • Naem Sod (pork salad) [GF]

    • 12.9

    minced pork cooked in lemon juice, fresh ginger,Asian herbs, diced peanut and chilli

  • Three Good Friends salad [GF]

    • 17.5

    chicken, pork, and king prawns salad  topped with special Thai dressing & cashew nut

  • Larb Gai (chicken salad) [GF]

    • 12.9

    minced chicken seasoned with ground roasted rice, lime juice, chilli and fresh Asian herbs

  • Tofu salad [V]/[GF]

    • 12.5

    diced tofu seasoned with ground roasted rice, lime juice, and fresh asian herbs

  • Larb Pla Muk [GF]

    • 12.9

    Calamari seasoned with grounded  roasted rice, lime juice, chilli &fresh asian herbs